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We believe parents are the main influence in children’s lives. Our goal is to build a relationship with the child and with the family. As your child develops a sense of trust in us and the Collage environment, they learn to separate from you with confidence knowing you will return at the end of the school day. We respect each person’s need to experience the separation process in his or her own way, and are here to help the children express their feelings as they build meaningful relationships with us

DLS Shiksha Mahavidyalay is nurturing students on value based education of the following man components.
  • Quality Education
  • Human Values
  • Work Culture
  • Discipline
  • Personality Development
  • Team Work
We envisage our students to
  • Imbibe right attitudes, values, ideals and ideologies.
  • Achieve academic excellence through hard work, critical thinking and effective decision making.
  • Facilitate learning among their pupils through appropriate skill and methodologies.
  • Exercise responsible leadership in the total formation of their pupils.
  • Render selfness service to the community.
Gurunanak Minority Trust of India is a non-profitable Society. The philanthropist objective of the Society is serve the society by imparting quality education through modern techniques of Scientific and technological era. 
Our mission is to strive to provide
  • Intellectually well developed,
  • Socially concerned,
  • Morally upright,
  • Spiritually oriented-Citizens for India.


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June 09 at 09:00 am

Campus DLS Shiksha Mahavidhyalay To Local Locality 

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OUR Courses

We provide 2 courses in Teacher Education 

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)

Bachelor of Education or simply B.Ed. is a 2-year bachelors degree course aimed at training students to become teachers. In order to be eligible to pursue this course, a student must have at least a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.

Diploma in Elementary Education (d.el.Ed)

Diploma in Elementary Education [D.El.Ed] is a professional degree programme which prepares students to work as teachers in primary/ upper primary schools of different states of the country. The D.El.Ed degree is mandatory for teaching at the Primary (classes 1 to 5 )   secondary (classes  to 6 to 10) . 

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Sanjay Kumar


Pankaj Kr Sinha

Head Of College

Ravi Anand

Managment & Nodal Off

Akash Kumar

Managment & IT Depart

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